Keeping your Autoclave in optimal working order will require regular maintenance and repair. These tasks must be performed solely by highly qualified specialists. We provide the best professional services to our customers, that’s why they trust their equipment to us.

Our specialists do Autoclave repairs in-house using only OEM parts. Since all replaced parts are original pieces, your Autoclave will look and work like new. We can repair valves, door gasket, heating elements, sensors, microswitch, boards, and much more. You don't have to worry about interrupting your operations. We can loan you equipment without extra cost so you can keep going. You can keep our loaner for as long as we are repairing your autoclave.

Safety Door

Used Water Reservoir Outlet

Sterilizer Chamber

Safety Door Handle

Door Gasket (Seal)

  • Safety Door

  • Used Water Reservoir Outlet

  • Sterilizer Chamber

  • Safety Door Handle

  • Door Gasket (Seal)

Service & Repair by Solclave

Need Service
or repair?

Remember, regular maintenance and repairs will substantially improve your autoclave functionality. A qualified professional intervention is critical to keep your equipment in optimal working conditions. Our technicians and specialists have acquired solid and extensive skills through many years of work experience.

They are fully trained to diagnose problems and to effectively repair autoclaves and sterilizers. If you suspect your equipment is not working properly, please follow the steps stated below. We will get you back to normal as quickly and affordably as we can.

How we work

  • Contact us and we will discuss together the issues you are facing.

  • We will inspect and test your equipment to determine the exact nature of the issues.

  • We will create an accurate and detailed estimate for you. Our estimate includes labor and required parts.

  • Once our expert estimate is ready, we will contact you.

  • Repairs works will begin upon your approval.

We can help you out. Just contact us today to learn more about our services.

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